Underwater Warriors Mission Update
October 2013

Since March of 2006, Underwater Warriors Foundation, a 501c(3) charitable nonprofit, has been helping injured servicemen and women find freedom in an underwater world by offering scuba diving as a mind, body, and spirit program. I am excited to report that Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH) recently adopted our scuba program at Ft. Campbell as one of their EWPT Enhanced Warrior Physical Therapy programs. Our final mission to put the scuba program permanently in the hands of the medical military-MEDCOM has been accomplished!

Because scuba is now a military physical therapy program, the Army Hospital will be able to help more Warriors overcome the physical, emotional, and spiritual pains of war. All training will also transition from Underwater Warriors Foundation instructors to BACH.

As one of the first programs of its kind working with Warriors still enlisted in the Army, UWF has been in a privileged position to demonstrate the positive impact of scuba on the physical and psychological healing of injured servicemen and women. Over the past 7 years, we observed that the best results were obtained when case managers, therapists, and Warrior Transition Battalion command staff were all involved in the program. So as I retire myself from training, I am especially happy to see the realization of our efforts and the successful adoption of the scuba program by the military.

Years after their introduction to scuba diving, Warriors have kindly shared their success stories of how scuba has helped them create a mind, body, spirit approach to handling life situations. Several are continuing their college education; some have already graduated, while others are now scuba instructors or commercial divers. As I observe these Warriors create new lives filled with less stress and more joy, I am continually amazed by their inspiration and bravery and can't wait to see what else they will continue to accomplish.

God Bless Our Troops and Our Veterans of All Wars. Freedom is never free.

-Nancy MacPherson, UWF President and Co-founder

Inaugural Cruise to Mexico: Warriors with Warrior Transition Battalion Command and Staff, diving together and sharing the memories!

A proud Warrior, Dad, and college graduate!

Dedicated to all Warriors past and present who have sacrificed so much for their families and country.